Roingo means ROI 'and' GO. Return on Investment and Generating Opportunities. To be successful, a business needs both ROI and Opportunities. Roingo is a special project consultant within the freight forwarding - logistics - supply chain industry. We help corporate executives and department managers make smart decisions in the supply chain lifecycle management. We act as your supply chain ombudsman, dispute mediator and business intelligence analyst between you and your business partners, customers and employees.

Clients ask what does ROINGO© do...
simply said... "We Improve Profitability"

Business Success requires vision and mastery of three essential qualities


As a Success Solutionneur, we help develop these three essential qualities within your supply chain lifecycle to sustain your competitive edge. Roingo helps yield maximum results from your business partners, customers and employees creating a surge of well-being and collaborative spirit.  We do the positive things that supply chain executives wish for but can rarely accomplish because its difficult to have end-to-end visibility and strategic vision when being ingrained in the supply chain lifecycle.  ROINGO just doesn't give advice, we implement the hands-on solutions.

For a struggling supply chain, this means improved organizational decision making, faster marketplace adaptability, quicker end-to-end information flow, better business intelligence and higher ROI yields.

For a thriving supply chain, it means organizational sustainability, emphasis
on workforce productivity, KPI compliance, cost controls, seamless information flow, special investigations, team building, talent retention, and motivating employees, vendors and service providers to achieve maximum ROI and Opportunities.

And, for the supply chain executive, it means leadership coaching, making smart decisions, greater financial success and a quality work-life balance.

ROINGO facilitates positive results. In the shortest time.
With Sustainability.

ROINGO©  simply said... "We Improve Profitability"

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Organizational Culture
Core Values - Business Ethics


Smart Goals
Adaptability - Sustainability


 Workforce Management
Team Building - Talent Retention 


Shared Focus Solutions
Common Sense - Common Purpose


Productive Contentment
People' Skills - Time Management